Icelandic Escapes

This project is commisioned. I was asked to photograph the landscapes and produce a series of images to represent the journey the client undertook. This opportunity was amazing and produced some of the most stunning images i have had the unique pleasure of capturing. The project forced me to look outside the box and photograph in brutal conditions, the caves below were taken during a snow blizzard in the middle of a snow tundra. Crampons being absolutely necessary, to survive the thick snow and dangerous ice. Keeping the camera dry was a challenge, even with all this the images just go to show how worthwhile the conditions were.

Glacial Caves. 

These caves were dangerous, there were many times where there were steep drops and all you had was a log as a bridge and a rope to hold onto, as well as these drops with oceans of snow, the ice was smooth as glass. The most interesting thing about these glacial caves was just how many separate layers there was in the ice.

Icelandic Waterfalls.

Most of these images feature tourists, which I tried to avoid and this really pushed me to look at how my composition can compliment this overpopulation of natural areas. 


For this sequence of images I experimented with my coposition and the negative space that accompanies ice. I really enjoyed the contemporary feel of these images and this is something that I will be exploring further.


This was possibly the scariest beach to photograph. This was because if you got caught by the sea you woud be dragged in and taken to the deep. Regardless of this it is beautiful. These rock formations are dried lava. When Lava is solodified it forms in octagonal shapes and patterns.